Film, Exit your storyteller
Collage, Exit your storyteller


You’re ready for a challenge in your interior. We can achieve this for you by creating a canvas of your footage. The format is up to you, and the subject is negotiable. For example, your vacation or pictures from the old box. You know the drill, anywhere in your home are photobooks, videotapes and movies. Where you and family members are documented on. Twenty years ago capturing your life changed from analog to digital. We would like to help you to capture chronological all that old stuff. And record it on modern material so that your children and grandchildren can still enjoy it today.

For our own visual identity we wanted to show a certain position that is ever present in our other work. We wanted to find a way to create a visual identity that is both luxurious, minimalistic, modernistic and which even incorporates the ever present fun that’s visible in what we make. We believe that this position helps create original design without pretence.

Our company name ’EXIT’ (Exit, till seeing again) immediately sends you to a place where you drink a nice coffee and talk to family.

It’s part of our philosophy that we never sell our customer something he or she doesn’t need. We’d rather help them figuring out how to be as effective as possible in their wishes In our own visual identity we stick to that philosophy as close as possible.

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Alicyn Henning and Dolf Pauw

Exit your storyteller